Movies of the Mind

In Genesis 39:1-12, we read of Joseph’s test with an Egyptian woman. Joseph, who had been sold into slavery by his brothers, was purchased by Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh. When Potiphar saw that Joseph was blessed by God and a good man, he put him in charge of his household. Enter the wife of Potiphar, who looks upon Joseph and decides she must have him. She is allowing lustful imaginations in her heart to seep out and result in immoral actions.



Lady (and I use the term loosely) Potiphar approached Joseph multiple times and commands him to be with her. Joseph exemplified Spirit-led purity. His thoughts were of God and the meditations of his heart led him to have a strong sense of right and wrong as well as fierce loyalty to his master, Potiphar. One day she approaches Joseph when no one else is around. Now I would imagine that Mrs. Potiphar was an attractive woman. Potiphar is a high-up, well-to-do in Egypt so I tend to picture a trophy wife sort of woman.


Yet she cannot persuade Joseph to sin and commit adultery with her. Why?? Is she unattractive? Like I said, I wouldn’t imagine so. Is Joseph in a relationship that is providing him physical satisfaction? No. Does he somehow not have a desire for female attention? No, I believe he is a normal, red-blooded male so I’m sure this truly was a test for him yet when she says lie with me that last time, not only does he refuse, but he removes himself from the situation by running away! Continue reading Movies of the Mind

Blessings in the Blah?!

Sick. Four little letters that make up one little word yet seem to control our lives at times. I am sick…again! For what seems like the umpteenth time since the calendar flipped to 2018 I am once again banished to the couch…a coughing, sneezing, feverish, and at times barely breathing, mess! Blah! This time diagnosed with multiple plague worthy diagnoses…the end result of each the same- stay home and rest. Stay home. Alone. Isolated. More broken plans, more disappointed friends, and more, much, much, more disappointed me!


But when is enough enough? Sickness? Health? Loss? Gain? Curse? Blessing? Hearing people say, “I just can’t take it”…but can they? Can I?! Why do some people seem to just glide through life problem free while others deal with so much? Problems. Illness. Pain. Death. Mine isn’t even that bad and I feel overwhelmed! Awake at 2:30am coughing into a darkened house can make you see things in a way you don’t in the light of day. Everything I am facing right now will pass, I just need time. But what about those who don’t have that reassurance?? What about…

…the father holding his 12 year old son as he goes through the pain of yet another chemo treatment?

…the man dealing with lung cancer who took care of himself, never smoked, but has it “just because”?

…the mother holding her little girl as she is immobilized due to a tricky, and very painful, surgery in hopes of fending off and slowing down a painful and rare disease?

…the pastor’s wife trying to be a faithful example as she deals with the painful disease that quite literally twists her body apart, at times, and has been passed on to her young daughter?

When is enough enough? When is it too much?

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Who Am I?

Where I Come From

“I was just a child, when I felt the Savior leading

I was drawn to what I could not understand.

And for the cause of Christ, I have spent my days believing

That what He’d have me be, is who I am.”

The opening lines from Greg Long’s, “Mercy Said No”, could pretty much be used to sum up my childhood. I was raised in the fact, I can’t remember not being in church. We were definitely a “there everytime the doors are open” kind of family. I realized that I needed Jesus and His forgiveness when I was nine years old. I can still remember the day, the details, the feeling of awe as I prayed for Jesus to forgive me of my sins and to be Lord of my life. I have no doubt that I was forgiven that day. Had I died at any point after that night, June 9,1987, I know that I would’ve found myself in heaven with my next breath. But is that enough? To just….

…know we are going to heaven?

…live our life anyway we choose?

…know we have “fire insurance” and are safe from hell?

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